• Mon, 22 Jul 2024

Director’s Message

Message From Director

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to attend Harbour International Education. You will find that Harbour 's faculty, counselor and staff are dedicated to providing you with quality education and reliable academic counseling.
At Harbour International Education, it is our mission to give each prospective student an opportunity to grow academically. We are sure that you are excited about your new avenues for learning because this is the beginning of what many people consider the best years of your life. At this juncture of your life, Harbour will play a significant role in the shaping of your career. We are proud of our advanced scholarly activities in foreign language training, standardized test preparation, overseas study counseling and many others. As a result, Harbour is acclaimed by national and international students for the quality of its teaching and counseling. I, hereby, would like to assure you that we will continue to offer you quality services of international standards at an affordable cost. Moreover, we are committed to continuously upgrading the teaching, learning procedures to suit the challenges of the 21st century.
I would also like to thank you for your continued interest in Harbour and its different academic programs.

Mr. Dev Raj Sawad