• Mon, 22 Jul 2024

Language Class




Japan has become one of the most sought destinations for International Students from all over the globe. Many Nepalese students are studying or either working there in Japan. In order to complete your higher education (bachelor/master) from Japan you should have knowledge of the Japanese language.

If you want to learn the Japanese language (or "Nihongo" as it's called in Japanese), you've come to the right place! Our lessons can get you well on your way to learning how to speak, read, and write Nihongo. More importantly, here at Harbour International Education, we are providing students best Japanese Language Class by experienced professional Japanese language teachers/ Instructors.

You will find such things as the Japanese alphabet (including Hiragana and Katakana) as well as Kanji (Chinese characters), vocabularygrammarsentence structure, and common words and phrases. Apart from this, we teach you how to conjugate verbs and how to build your own sentences - things critical to learning how to speak fluently!

The Japanese language is actually very simple but so unlike English that many people find it difficult to learn. There are all together 25 lessons and the goal of these course is to help you study the basics of the language and to teach you how to learn Japanese in a way that is, hopefully, fast and easy to understand. Respectively, we also organize a weekly assessment so that the students get confidence to write and speak Japanese language fluently.

We also prepare you for the NAT-Test (N5) which is one of the important factor to study further in Japan. Now-a-days, students can also give JLPT or Top-J as a language proficiency test. However, NAT-Test (level 5) is one of the most preferred test for Japan.

Japanese language class details:

Total course  : 6 months

Class Timings: Morning / Afternoon / Evening (1 hour per class)

Fee                  : 700/- per month (VAT exclusive) or

                          5000/- (Inclusive VAT) for total course until apply

[Students willing to apply for Japan can choose any of the above packages and can submit their academic documents for the upcoming intakes as per th