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Harbour International Education understands the needs of students and their parents for the concern of abroad studies. We firmly believe in providing exceptional customer service to the students and our client institutions, and we will be upgrading our devices level for the benefit of student's better career. We guide you to the right path for International Degree and exposure to the global market.Your ability to interpret the value of an education abroad experience to an employer will be easier if your decision to go abroad is linked to your career goals. The challenge to both education abroad and career advisers is to proactively assist you to take full advantage of your time overseas. This requires the concerted collaboration of faculty and career and study abroad advisers. For this, Harbour International Education is one of the leading institutions in Nepal regarding abroad study and facilitating our students to achieve their success.
The majority of students study abroad during their sophomore or junior years. This means that you will have at least one, and perhaps two years to “unpack” your study abroad experience upon returning to campus. This is enough time to clarify how your international experience could influence your career goals and impact your job search strategy. So we are here to make your dream come true regarding carrier development in Abroad Study. We give you relevant, accurate and comprehensive information. We offer comprehensive test preparation, admissions services, counseling and other services. The well qualified and talented staffs at Harbour take pride in whatever services they render and consider successes achieved as their own. The company is managed by young and very enthusiastic individuals who are highly qualified and well motivated. Our only goal is to make your dreams come true. The hard work and commitment of Harbour made it possible for us to be in the top of the ladder of victory and success rate. 
Moreover, being recognized as one of the reputed and trusted international educational consultancy, we understand the socio-economic backgrounds of the students who have various prospectives regarding balance between the course and quality of education.

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